81: Mormon Expositor Reviews “Meet The Mormons”


Nick, Maren, and Brandt review the church’s recently released “Meet the Mormons” movie. Relevant Links: Brandt’s Official Review: Movie Review: Meet the Mormons Stuff You Should Know Podcast: How the Berlin Wall Worked The Emmett Smith Story: part 1 and part 2

6: “Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet” with John G. Turner


Brandt sits down with John G. Turner, author of the highly anticipated biography of Brigham Young released from Harvard University Press, to discuss the complex character of Mormonism’s second prophet. Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet is available in both hardback and Kindle editions. Other References Brigham Young: American Moses

3: “Could I Vote for a Mormon for President” with Ryan Cragun


With Mitt Romney receiving the Republican nomination for president, Brandt interviews author Ryan Cragun, and reviews his book, “Could I Vote for a Mormon for President?”