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78: We’re 2 Years (and 1 month) Old!


Heather, Clay, Amy, Troy, Greg, Brandt, and Nick catch up with each other and discuss current events in the world of online Mormonism.

77: Who is Jane Elizabeth Manning James?


Heather and Clay sit down with Dr. Ronald Coleman to discuss the life of Jane Elizabeth Manning James. Dr. Coleman is an associate professor of History in the Ethnic Studies Department at the University of Utah. References: Coleman, Ronald G. – “Is There No Blessing For Me?” Jane Elizabeth Manning James, A Mormon African American(…)

75: Mormons and Money – An Introduction to Church Finances


Nick hosts a panel discussion about different aspects of church finances with Heather, Clay, and Mimi. References: Reuters – Mormon church made wealthy by donations Businessweek – How the Mormons Make Money Time – Kingdom Come D. Michael Quinn – LDS Church Finances from the 1830s to the 1990s D. Michael Quinn – The Mormon(…)

74: Mormons and the Bible


In this episode, Heather, Alyssa, and Jonee discuss how Mormons perceive and use the Bible. They then discuss whether the Mormon view of the Bible matches up with what scholars know about the history of the Bible and early Christianity. This episode is a prelude to an upcoming series about the historical relationship between women(…)

73: Rock Waterman & Pure Mormonism


Heather interviews Rock Waterman about his life and journey through Mormonism. They also discuss Rock’s current views on the LDS church church, his blog, and recent events in Mormonism.

72: Where Science and Mormonism Collide


Clay chats with Emily, Becky, and Jason about the scientifically testable claims made by Mormonism and other Christian denominations.