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90: Mormon Expositor Weighs in on Religious Freedom and Gay Rights


Nick hosts a panel discussion with Craig, Mark, and Heather about the church’s recent press release regarding religious freedom and gay rights. Links: Mormon Leaders Call for Laws That Protect Religious Freedom LDS Press Release: Note to Journalists on News Headlines TribTalk: LDS leaders Oaks, Christofferson on religious freedom, LGBT rights All Things Considered: Mormon(…)

89: David C Nelson’s “Moroni and the Swastika: Mormons in Nazi Germany”


Heather interviews David C. Nelson about his forthcoming book – Moroni and the Swastika: Mormons in Nazi Germany. Links: David C. Nelson’s Website The Facebook Page The Book’s Launch Party: Salt Lake City, Feb 20th @ 7 PM, Weller Book Works (Trolley Square) Where to Buy: University of Oklahoma Press, Barnes & Noble, Amazon

88: The Cross-Orientation Marriage Phenomenon in Mormonism


Heather is joined by Derek and Stacey to discuss the phenomenon of “cross orientation” marriages within Mormonism. Derek also shares his story and explains how contemplating that lifestyle impacted him during his journey of self discovery. Links: TLC Network: My Husband’s Not Gay LDS Newsroom: Church Responds to Questions Regarding Upcoming TLC Program Stacey’s Story(…)

87: Mormon Priestesshood Part 1 – As Far As It Is Translated Correctly


Alyssa, Heather, and Jonee investigate whether or not there is doctrinal support for female ordination. In this first part of a multi-part series, they look at the Bible and the role of women in the early Christian church. They also explore how this relates to the first chapter of “Daughters of My Kingdom.” Preface Episode(…)

86: An Apostate Guide to Enjoying the Holidays (from our archive)


For those who missed the episode the first time, around, here is a chance to listen to it again. Heather, Matt, Greg, and Clay discuss the importance of the holidays from the apostate/atheist perspective. They also discuss family relationships and give their opinions on how to handle various family/holiday situations. (Originally released on December 19th,(…)

85: Mormons and Money – The Prosperity Doctrine


Nick heads a panel discussion about the Mormon version of “the prosperity doctrine” with Mark, Adam, and Greg. They take on issues such as affinity fraud, tithing as a path to prosperity, MLMs, bankruptcy, and business ethics in Mormon culture. They also take a generous detour into church finances and how they relate to the(…)