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95: The Honor Code and FreeBYU


Nick hosts an interview and panel discussion with Heather and Brad, one of the FreeBYU organizers, about the honor code and the efforts of FreeBYU to bring religious freedom to all students at BYU. Links: The BYU Honor Code Website The FreeBYU Website Ernest Wilkinson and the Transformation of BYU’s Honor Code ’65-71, by Bryan(…)

94c: April 2015 Priesthood and General Woman’s Sessions


Nick hosts a review of the Women’s meeting with panelists: Ivan and Craig. Heather hosts a review of the Priesthood session with panelists: Amy and Stephanie.

94b: April 2015 General Conference Sunday Sessions


Nick and Heather host reviews of the Sunday sessions of General Conference. Panelists include: Ivan, Maren, Sarah, and Craig.

94a: April 2015 General Conference Saturday Sessions


Clay hosts reviews of the Saturday sessions of General Conference. Panelists include: Julie, Peter, Marc, and Scott.

93: Tad Callister Presents a Blueprint Based on Bad Assumptions


Heather, Tom, and Mithryn discuss Tad Callister’s BYU Devotional, “What Is the Blueprint of Christ’s Church?” Links What Is the Blueprint of Christ’s Church? – BYU Devotional on January 12, 2014 Tom’s Blog: No Cool Name Blog Mithryn’s Blog: “Exploring Mormonism”

92: Existential Angst


Heather, Clay, Nick, and Greg discuss existential angst. Links: Existentialism (Wikipedia) Angst (Wikipedia) True Detective Type I & II Errors (Wikipedia) Sky Cake – Patton Oswalt Lying to Ourselves – RadioLab Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari Tim Minchin’s UWA Graduation Address Infants on Thrones: Death – a listener essay by(…)