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91: A Conversation with James L. Carroll: No Stranger to Paradox


Clay sits down with James Carroll, a post-Mormon, Mormon Transhumanist, Buddhist and Unitarian Universalist. They discuss James’ faith journey and discuss the merits of being an activist and trying to find certainty in uncertainty. James’ previous interview: Mormon Expositor Episode 29 – Mormon Transhumanism

83b: Mormon Expositor’s 2014 Music Contest


Clay and Heather dj the 2014 music contest – part 2. Artists Robert Smith Shane Jackman Nick Garn IReverend Brainskan Catherine Rawson MobStyle Lori Crandall Dan O’Bryant Alex Rachel Wilhelm Seb Dick

83a: Mormon Expositor’s 2014 Music Contest


Clay and Heather dj the 2014 music contest – part 1. Artists Alex Dan O’Bryant Robert Smith Seb Dick Tina Welter Shane Jackman Amy Thomson Lori Crandall Daniel and Catherine Rawson MobStyle

79: Cleanflix & the Mormon Culture of Censorship


Clay, Amy and Nick talk to documentary filmmaker Andrew James about his 2009 documentary Cleanflix.  A hearty discussion about the movie, Mormon culture, sex & violence, and censorship unfolds. Links and References CLEANFLIX Censorship of the Carl Heinrich Bloch Painting Censorship of the Poelman (general authority) Talk Street Fighting Man

76: Alex Beam’s Experience Writing “American Crucifixion”


Clay sits down with author Alex Beam to discuss his book American Crucifixion: The Murder of Joseph Smith and the Fate of the Mormon Church. Links and References American Crucifixion – Alex Beam Alex Beam’s Website Interview with Radio West Interview with Mormon Stories Other books mentioned: Mormon Enigma – Lind King Newell & Valeen(…)

69: Common Logical Fallacies From the Pulpit


Clay round-tables with Greg, Nick, and Daniel to talk about logical fallacies. What are they? What are some of the popular ones and what examples do we see of them from the pulpit and in the social dialogue around us? References Some dandy links to logical fallacy overviews: Wiki – formal fallacy Wiki – list(…)