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34: The Epic Sex Series Part 3 – Sex and the Singles Ward


Greg and Amy host a discussion with Sonya, Angie and Dan about sex as a Mormon “single” and how being a single person in the LDS Church has affected their personal sex lives and their opinions about sex and sexuality. Listen to Angie’s Voices Interview here. Listen to Sonya’s Voices Interview here. Seventeen Rules for(…)

33: Who is Mark Hofmann? The Truth Behind the Salamander Letter Bombings (Part 1)


Troy hosts with Amy and Clay as they set the stage for the “Salamander Letter” bombings that occurred in SLC on October 15, 1985. This episode details Mark Hofmann and what may have motivated him to become the most successful forger in modern history and introduces first two forged documents he sold to the LDS(…)

32: An Interview with a Mormon Sexologist, Dr. Melissa Jones


Brandt talks with Dr. Melissa Jones, a practicing sexologist (and a Mormon) to discuss Mormons and their views on sex, masturbation, and pornography, as well as healthy approaches to sexuality. References Dr. Melissa Jones’ Website Interview with Richie Steadman from The Cultural Hall Podcast Interview on X96 Radio from Hell show

31: LDS Women and the Principle of Eternal Plural Marriage


Heather hosts an all ladies panel with Lindsay Hansen Park, Amy Blosch and first time guest Amber Pechin Price to discuss the doctrine of plural marriage and how Mormon women deal with polygamy in the “eternities”. References 1972 letter from the First Presidency regarding women and temple recommends Utah Census Number and Mormon Polygamy

23: The District – A Mormon Expositor Review for Episode 8: Coming Home


Brandt hosts the final episode review with Amy, Lance and Sara. Did it end with a bang or a wimper!?  

22: The Top Ten Theological Reasons Mormonism is Better Than Christianity


Heather hosts a panel discussion with Clay, Megan, and Flip. They discuss the top ten religious concepts that are better in Mormonism than in Christianity.