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ex·po·si·tion (n.) 1. A setting forth of meaning or intent. 2a. A statement or rhetorical discourse intended to give information about or an explanation of difficult material. 2b. The art or technique of composing such discourses. The Mormon Expositor is a biweekly podcast leveraging a panel discussion format and focusing on Mormon doctrine, practices, culture, and history. Our regular panel / board of directors is made up of both believers and non-believers. We value honest and frank discussions that entertain and enlighten while remaining respectful. Additionally, we strive to present accurate information supported by reliable and accessible sources. Finally, for some fun, check out the original Mormon Expositor — a periodical from the 1800s cataloged by the Library of Congress. Like the Nauvoo Expositor, it turned out only one issue before disappearing. Scroll to the bottom of the document for a write-up that is easier to read. Note: The content of the Mormon Expositor publication hasn’t been verified.




Episodes with Amy

Amy grew up in a blended family of Mormons-one half were 5th generation and the other half were converts. Raised by her extremely devout mother and step-father (both converts) in Fresno, California, she lived the typical Mormon life: mutual activities, youth temple trips, YW’s callings, SM talks, Firesides and early morning seminary. She always felt something was wrong with the church. The first chink in the armor was blacks and the priesthood, literal scripture interpretation and especially the secrecy of the temple. She was made to believe the problem was in her and it terrified her. This led to severe depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, maladaptive coping behaviors and general unhappiness. As she approached her 18th birthday she was told that since she was soon to be an adult she could use her free agency and stop attending church however the consequence would be that she could no longer live at home. Two weeks after her 18th birthday she left home to live with her biological father (5th generation Mormon and pioneer heritage) and step mother in SLC, UT. She married young and divorced 10 years later. She has not attended Church as a “believing” member since 1991. It wasn’t until nearly a decade later that she began to unravel the numerous historical problems and lies of the LDS Church and realized the church was indeed the problem, not her lack of belief. She stumbled across Mormon Expression through the blogosphere and became a fan and eventual panelist. This led her to the Mormon Expositor podcast. She officially resigned in 2013 and is an atheist. Amy lived in SLC for nearly 21 years until moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2014 with her betrothed of many years, her 16 yr old daughter from her previous marriage and their rescue pit bull, Lola. Her professional career has been in nonprofit women’s health services and community education. She has a BS in Sociology and is currently working in home health. She is a UFC fanatic, loves Malcolm X and will knit for tattoos. Seriously.


Episodes with Brandt

Brandt is a active, believing, second-generation lifelong Mormon from Detroit, Michigan. Both of his parents were converts, so Brandt has been the “first” for all things Mormon in his family. Brandt served his mission in South Korea, and still longs for the subtle nuances of kimchi and fried rice, along with sleeping on the floor. Brandt met his wife in typical BYU-fashion while playing a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee, and they were married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple a year later. He graduated from BYU-Idaho with a BS in Business Finance, and currently works in the automotive sector while preparing for graduate school. Brandt has served as an Elder’s Quorum President and first counselor, and is now in his second tour of duty in the Young Men’s Presidency of his ward (his favorite calling, by far).


Episodes with Clay

Clay was born and raised in northern New Mexico in a very Mormon family. After some rowdy teenage years, he had an in-your-face, ground-shaking, born-again experience, and he abandoned fun and prepared for a mission. He served an LDS mission in Venezuela and returned and completed a B.S. in geology at BYU – Idaho; there, he met his wife and got married. While completing an M.S. in geology at the University of Wyoming, he felt deeply, intellectually and emotionally compelled to abandon faith. Clay received his Ph.D. in Geoscience from the University of Arizona in 2013. He now resides in Katy, TX, with his wife and two children. He works as a geologist in Houston, TX.


Episodes with Greg

Greg grew up in an active Mormon family in Southern California. He enthusiastically followed the spirit to an awful year at BYU, an incredible mission in Southern Italy, and then to meet his fantastic future wife complete with the requisite lightning speed engagement. 11 years later, with four kids, four years as an early morning seminary teacher, three years teaching Gospel Doctrine, and a mighty effort to be as consecrated as possible, Greg found himself on a long drive confessing to his wife that he was beginning to suspect the Church might not be True. It turned out his thesis was correct and now he and his family have the good fortune to be living a life more exciting and fun than they could have previously imagined. Greg has a degree in business marketing and succeeded in landing the best job of his life within just a few months of quitting paying tithing. Given that such a large percentage of the population just ignores the cultural benefits around here, life in Utah is just getting better and better. He is still working to make up for a half lifetime of delusional living, but prospects are looking pretty good.


Episodes with Heather

Heather grew up in a devout Mormon home in south-central Idaho. Despite being raised by goodly parents and being taught somewhat in the learning of her father, her relationship with the church has always been tenuous. Although she believed the church was literally true, she struggled to play the role of a faithful LDS gal. After nearly resigning at 18 over her inability to accept the church’s doctrine of polygamy, Heather spent her 20s mired in a religiously fueled funk until, despite still believing, she set aside her religion to fall in love with a baby-eating atheist given to loud laughter and lightmindedness. While unable to pinpoint the beginning of her disillusionment, Heather believes her loss of faith began soon after college and culminated in October of 2010 when she chose to be offended by a story about a kitten in a grade school classroom. Now in her thirties, the only illusion Heather operates under is that George Lucas retired the Star Wars empire after completing Return of the Jedi, leaving only the Star Wars trilogy that we used to know.


Episodes with Matthew

Matthew has retired from Mormonism and is an emeritus member of the podcast.



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Podcasts with Nick

Nick grew up in a large, devout Mormon family in rural Utah. A descendant of semi-recent converts on one side and likely Missouri Danites on the other, he narrowly survived a brush with both homeschooling and moderate-to-severe doomsday prepping. He returned with honor from a mission to Japan and married his wife a mere six months later, as was the custom. Soon after graduation from BYU, Nick discovered an unknown number of polygamist wives standing at the entrance to the catacombs of church history and started down paths unknown. Twelve years, three cities and four kids later, he finally admitted to himself that the grass might, in fact, be greener on the other side, and has been happy ever since. At least when he is not mixing metaphors.