95: The Honor Code and FreeBYU

Nick hosts an interview and panel discussion with Heather and Brad, one of the FreeBYU organizers, about the honor code and the efforts of FreeBYU to bring religious freedom to all students at BYU.


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The FreeBYU Website
Ernest Wilkinson and the Transformation of BYU’s Honor Code ’65-71, by Bryan Waterman
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  1. ChrisWir

    Think it is so strange that “honor” can assume to be predetermined, and not have to correlate with integrity(!) in one’s actual beliefs. Seems like honor is the wrong term…
    What does things like having a beard have to do with “honor”? Were neither Jesus nor any prophet between Joseph Smith and David O McKey honorable? Jeez!

    Reply Apr 23, 2015 @ 02:24:59
  2. J. Reuben Clerk

    Keep rooting for the Cougars, Nick!

    Reply Apr 23, 2015 @ 17:00:38
  3. Ddawg

    I can confirm your “urban legend” from personal experience–or at least a variation of it. The honor code office can put a hold on transcripts and prevent them from being sent to other non-LDS institutions.

    I had a small honor code violation my last year at BYU. The issue was resolved, I graduated shortly thereafter, and I moved on to graduate school.

    Several years later I was applying to a post graduate program that requested my college transcripts. When I called the registrar’s office to have them sent, I was told there was a hold from the honor code office on my transcripts, and they would not be able to send them. I explained the situation, explained that it had been resolved (I graduated and received a diploma, after all!), but they refused to send the transcripts without clearance from the honor code office. I was told that the process would take several days, that it may require additional conversations with honor code office people, and maybe even conversations with my current bishop! In the end the honor code office dug up my records, confirmed that the issue had been resolved, and released the hold on my transcripts.

    It seems the hold on my transcripts ended up being a mistake (the honor code office forgot to clear the hold after the issue was resolved) rather than the result of a permanent mark on my record. I called the registrars office today to confirm that there is no hold on my transcripts currently. But apparently someone who leaves BYU without clearing up an honor code issue would have their transcripts frozen, thus potentially affecting academic efforts at other non-LDS institutions.

    Reply Apr 27, 2015 @ 19:14:18
    • Heather C.

      This is the type of thing I was afraid was happening. As far as I remember, you HAD to provide copies of all transcripts when you applied to a program. So BYU could be preventing students from entering other schools.

      If that’s happening, then they deserve to have their accreditation yanked or to have their asses sued into oblivion.

      As much as I’ve messed up in my life, I thank my lucky stars for two things every day: I didn’t get married too young and I didn’t attend a Mormon college.

      Reply Apr 28, 2015 @ 09:31:13
    • Brad Levin

      Thanks for sharing your account, Ddawg. I’ll change my tune to acknowledge that honor code issues can result in transcript freezes, and thus negatively impact one’s subsequent academic pursuits.

      When did your conversation with the registrar take place (when you were informed of the hold)?

      Reply May 09, 2015 @ 23:57:06

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