83a: Mormon Expositor’s 2014 Music Contest

Clay and Heather dj the 2014 music contest – part 1.



Dan O’Bryant
Robert Smith
Seb Dick
Tina Welter
Shane Jackman
Amy Thomson
Lori Crandall
Daniel and Catherine Rawson


  1. Craig Stiles

    This was amazing! So many seriously impressive and creative contributions. Dare I say it might even top last year’s contest? In any case, serious props to everyone who submitted songs. Also, thank you to the Mormon Expositor crew for putting this all together. You all rock!

    Reply Nov 12, 2014 @ 20:10:55
  2. Nicofor Stacishin

    There is so much feeling and heartfelt expression in all of these contributions. I am truly moved and a bit heartbroken by the sadness and angst that is expressed here through music. Amy Thomson especially touched me with her plaintive vocals.

    Reply Nov 19, 2014 @ 20:15:29
  3. rnephismith

    It was a great pleasure to be included with this superb mix of songs, kudos to Clay, Heather and all the other artists!

    Reply Nov 22, 2014 @ 09:36:20
  4. J. Reuben Clerk

    Great submissions. I really like “All I Know” (at 33:33 episode 83a) and “The Joke’s on You” (at 17:13 in episode 83b).

    Reply Nov 26, 2014 @ 15:57:41

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