78: We’re 2 Years (and 1 month) Old!

Heather, Clay, Amy, Troy, Greg, Brandt, and Nick catch up with each other and discuss current events in the world of online Mormonism.



  1. seasickyetstilldocked

    Well we at least got a nice peak into how Brandt maintains his testimony. I enjoyed when he was “not” defending the Church regarding the Dehlin thing by saying stuff like we don’t know the whole story or we have not heard the SPs side of things etc. I know Brandt would recoil at being called an apologist so why does he always employ their tactics? What he is doing is no different than an apologist saying that the Book of Mormon is still true because we just have not dug up the evidence yet. I also found it interesting that he referred to his online persona as “carefully crafted”. Nice. Brandt, why don’t the other people on the podcast feel the need to carefully craft their persona? Is not giving clear answers a part of that persona?

    Ok, so on to some things I will miss and some regrets:

    I will miss Greg talking about sex. Thanks for sticking up for all those masturbators out there who grew up tbm and believing that they were always living in sin, unworthy etc. Growing up thinking I was an unworthy piece of this for about 15 years did not do me any favors. Guys have it bad in the church as well. I’m a Greg fan. I guess I will never get that podcast on the pros and cons of threesomes.

    I will regret not listening to another series like the one you guys did regarding that dumb missionary tv show. In some ways that was you guys at your best. Maybe you can do reunion podcasts where you find something like that and talk about it…..sorry, make fun of it.

    I will miss never having a podcast where Mike Tannehill debates Brandt on what a believing mormon really means. I have always said that the most interesting discussions are not between non believers and tbms but between tbms (especially those classically cut from Mike’s era and before, I was also one) and these new try to get jello to stick to the wall believers. I also think there is a ton of value with that kind of discussion.

    I will miss Clay getting pissed. I liked that. Clay was terrific destroying that stupid Oaks talk. Oaks sucks. How does Brandt like doing a podcast with a bunch of Anti Christs? Does he disagree with Oaks? Will he ever give a clear answer on this? Of course not.

    I will miss pretty much anything Brandt says. I love it when he would be talking with Greg and inferring that (regarding church history and truth claims) it could go either way. This is another apologist tactic, saying that the facts for and against and truth of Mormonism are just too close to call so therefore choosing to believe is just as legitimate a position as choosing not to believe. Having said that…..sigh, I gotta give the guy his due. Brandt had the courage to publicly and as a believer do this podcast. So while I rip on him for not going far enough and being clear enough, at least he got in the game and backed it up with his real name. I respect Brandt and the church is better off with members like him in it. I wonder if Brandt ever wonders if he would be better off without the church?

    I will miss quality podcasts like the one you guys did on Hoffman. Was that Troy, Amy and Clay? I get why that is just so much effort and why you guys don’t want to do that anymore. You guys did a good job though.

    I regret never figuring out how and why the f ing hell Troy still believes in this nonsense and how he could raise kids in it. His whole family deserves way better…..and way better is out there. Troy, you are too smart for this crap. Get out now!!!!

    I’m just staying out of Amy’s way. She can do whatever she wants. I do think it is ironic that she is out helping homeless prostitutes while the women in Brandt’s home ward are busy doing all those super important things that Jesus Himself personally wants them to do…..like enrichment night, and cub scouts and being super fun and clever with the Young Women………..oh and I almost forgot their most important duty, making sure their kids do everything the church wants them to do and say what the church wants them to say. Amy is one hell of an Anti Christ.

    I always appreciated this podcast because it showed that you don’t need people with a Phd talking about Mormonism in order to have a podcast full of value. Frankly, most of the time those discussions are not based in reality. For me, the church was always about the regular members. Not to minimize issues like women’s ordination or homosexuality (an absolute mess and alone reason to leave the church) but I like the discussions about how the church works on the ground. Like when Heather did that podcast on the bishop visiting her sick sister (?). It was interesting to get a small example of how the Church happens in real peoples lives.

    Which of course brings me to Heather. Love that Heather! I think Heathers voice is an important one.

    Reply Sep 11, 2014 @ 11:13:59
    • Amy R. Padgett Blosch

      i have a deep testimony of you and it is true :) you have made your Anti-Christ proud.

      Reply Oct 16, 2014 @ 11:24:20
    • Amy R. Padgett Blosch

      and thanks for the compliment on the Mark Hofmann series….it was one of my faves and was a ton of fun putting together. Ive been thinking abt adding a new series…….. keep an eye out.

      Reply Oct 16, 2014 @ 11:26:32
  2. William Law

    Love the inclusive talks but . . .

    Heather, waz up with your women’s commentary on MORMONS AND THE BIBLE PART II. The rich dialogue and revelatory insight was gob-smaking great.
    I was hoping for an expose on how the co-optation of the Boy Scouts might cement the notion that Mormons are up to no good for our national psyche.
    I’d love to see some comment on the value of Mormon Art, Inspired Mormon Art and the pitiful state of Mormon Scholarship.
    Wish there was more on how happy The Saints are with the Mormon Neo-Orthodox Correlated Curriculum and how there is so much to remember and lots and lots to forget too. I guess the Givenses are our guiding light for listening for the dog whistles while dog paddling out of the CRUCIBLE OF DOUBT.
    We, now find after all this banter, that the church is true maybe –– it’s all about choice –– one can now choose to believe. Wow, As I state “the Persistence of Doubt is and it’s not going away;” Many may find no comfort in this state of our planet, but, that’s the way it is.

    Please keep the good works coming.
    thanks much, Will

    Reply Sep 15, 2014 @ 14:53:43
  3. Matthew Bryde

    I love you guys! Add a +1 to that minor number of subscribers that listen in. I’ve only in the past month subscribed but have now listen to most of the recent podcasts. I especially love how each of you are at different stages of belief/disbelief which I hope most people relate to.

    Please, keep up the good work – you are appreciated.

    Reply Nov 12, 2014 @ 02:40:18

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