64a: An Epic Sex Response to “The Lord’s Standard of Morality” (Part 1)

(part 1) Greg and Heather talk with Natasha Helfer Parker about Tad Callister’s article in the latest issue of the Ensign. 



Morality? We can do better than this… by Natasha Helfer Parker

The Lord’s Standard of Morality by Tad Callister (pgs 44-49)

Video of Tad’s original presentation of “The Lord’s Standard of Morality” at BYU-I


  1. Brett

    Thanks for a great, informative discussion. The church needs to be more progressive in it’s approach to so many things. The white knuckle abstinence approach just doesn’t work. It creates the shame cycle spoken of and makes one feel like a hypocrite, trying to be a worthy member and failing over and over again. Once I could see church authorities as being just ordinary humans like myself, and not really speaking for god, it became obvious that their directives were just the opinions of men and in many cases poorly informed men at that. For me, once the prohibition against porn was lifted, the pre occupation with it went away. Now, I I can view it if I want and I find I rarely want to. I do find a lot of it demeaning to women and it can display unhealthy sexual attitudes and practices, but I think most people can see that for what it is.
    Thanks for including an expert in the discussion, I think it adds to the quality of your product and motivates me to support your project….thanks.

    Reply Mar 01, 2014 @ 13:08:32
  2. Greg Rockwell

    Thanks Brett! We appreciate the great comment.

    Reply Mar 12, 2014 @ 15:51:29
  3. Alicat

    You guys did a great job with this! Growing up LDS, I feel there is a lot of my sexuality that needs healing due to the culture and doctrine in the church. Thank you for opening up dialogue with this subject.

    Cami Ashby, Feminist Mormon Book Club podcast

    Reply Mar 17, 2014 @ 19:38:28

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