59: BREAKING NEWS PODCAST — Gay Marriage in Utah – an Interview with History Makers and a Panel Analysis

Brandt, Greg, Amy and Matt talk with Seth Anderson and Michael Ferguson, the first gay couple married in the history of the state of Utah, about their whirlwind day on Friday after learning that the ban on same sex marriage in Utah was overturned. The crew then discusses what things mean legally, review the church’s statement, and share their thoughts and feelings.



  1. Megan

    Beautiful. And Greg – loved your honest emotional response.

    Hope there’s a bang-up reception in the works for all those who had to rush through this important moment!

    Reply Dec 21, 2013 @ 05:23:41
  2. Steve

    Wow, you folks are fast!

    Reply Dec 21, 2013 @ 11:15:20
  3. Chris W


    Reply Dec 21, 2013 @ 14:28:02
  4. jeanikins

    Sniff, sniff – so happy for them and all the other beautiful people who can now marry the one they love.
    I AM really surprised though that when the church’s response was read that NOBODY said anything about: “The Church has been consistent in its support of TRADITIONAL marriage while teaching that all people should be treated with respect.”

    Traditional marriage would not include polygamy, polygyny, polyandry, illegal marriages etc. How can they say that with a straight face? I couldn’t even read it with a straight face. I’m absolutely gobsmacked that they have the chutzpah to say it with their history of those things.

    However, I’m feeling the love for Seth and Michael – Congratulations guys. I’m so happy for you.

    Reply Dec 21, 2013 @ 20:43:48
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    Reply Dec 22, 2013 @ 12:06:18
  6. Geoffrey

    If I had a significant gent who I wanted to marry, I would have done it. But I’m happy to cheer everyone else on! Huzzah! Pints for all!

    Reply Dec 31, 2013 @ 01:35:47

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