26: David Knowlton Interview at Circling the Wagons 2012

Greg got the chance to interview Dr. David Knowlton at the Circling the Wagons conference. Sexuality, politics, sociology, and Mormons all figured in to a fascinating discussion.

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  1. Ozpoof

    I’ve said it before elsewhere, but I really don’t want gay people to be accepted by the church. Being indirectly hated by the members and leadership through nasty anti-gay rhetoric and official doctrine made me exit the church and later realize how wrong the leadership was and begin to think that they are probably wrong about a lot. The members and official church never knew I was gay, but they still made my life a living hell through what was said around me and with the doctrine that gave me absolute knowledge that I was going to spend eternity in a low place.

    I don’t want any gay person to be hurt or to do something to hurt themselves, but I think gay people are far better off outside the LDS church. If idiots like Packer tell us we aren’t really gay because God wouldn’t do such a thing, it may force gay people to think “but wait a minute… I *AM* gay, and I did not choose to be so”, and then realize that this supposedly inspired man of God is actually a clueless bigot. It’s easy then for gay people to deconstruct the entire facade. If they are so wrong about this, what else have these self-appointed prophets and seers been wrong about. It’s then that even a glance at true LDS history with show how flawed these people are, and the question is then asked, “why am I following these people and making myself feel miserable?”

    I really can’t understand why any gay person would want to stay in the church, unless they are still in denial or at the stage of self-hatred. It’s a toxic place for us. Most of us remove ourselves one way or another. I hope more gay people exit and stay alive.

    Reply Jan 01, 2013 @ 13:36:17
    • Greg Rockwell

      Ozpoof, I think your comment has real relevance. As a vocal (and very serious about it) apostate, I tend to think pretty much everyone would be happier outside of the Church and they just don’t know it yet. (To be fair, I also think everyone would be happier if they drank less soda, watched less TV, cooked more, read more books that I like, etc. Ironically, I tend to think that if people lived the way I do, they would be happier… ;) ).

      Any apostate/heretic/former [fill in the blank] has some understanding of the tension between desire for the offending institution to “just go away” and for real reform. Distressingly, for the most part, the object of our scorn (and former faith) doesn’t go away as neatly as we’d like. Can I extract my pound of flesh? I’m certainly working on it.

      But I will also be happy to see the Church continue to become a healthier place to exist. It is no longer the Church where a young man that vied for the hand of a young girl with an older (established) polygamist need fear castration in the public schoolhouse. Perhaps it will eventually be safe for all humans.

      Reply Jan 02, 2013 @ 12:03:34
      • Michael Johnson

        If paying 10% to a mind control cult is healthy. The LDS organization has nothing good to offer that can’t be found elsewhere for a lot less outlay of time and money. I wish my parents had of spent less time in meetings and more time with us kids on Sunday and at other times during the week when I was growing up. “Family. Isn’t it about….time?” Pfft

        Reply Jan 08, 2013 @ 17:46:00
      • Ozpoof

        I want it to be as nasty as it is in order to make people think these people are not inspired of God, but I don’t want it to force people into suicide and to brainwash parents into rejecting their own children if they come out as gay.

        I just want the “church” to go away. I think they are doing a good job of making that happen.

        Reply Feb 02, 2013 @ 11:19:48
  2. Angiem

    Greg-fantastic interview! I loved the kindness and honesty and forgiveness that I felt coming from your discussion with David.

    Reply Jan 01, 2013 @ 17:06:36
  3. webster carlisle

    For some reason, I couldn’t figure out where I knew this guy from until I listened to the podcast. I had his sociology class at UVU.

    Reply Aug 10, 2013 @ 10:23:01

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