24: The “Mormons and Gays” Website: A Thoughtful and Detailed Discussion

Matt Crowley hosts this episode which critiques the new website created by the LDS Church titled “Love One Another: A Discussion on Same Sex Attraction” that is geared towards officially addressing the needs of LGBT members and their families. Panelists include Amy, Stacey and special guest Mitch Mayne.

Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction
US News and World Report Scientists May Have Finally Unlocked Puzzle of Why People Are Gay
Mitch Mayne’s Personal Faith
Stacey Seeks Redemption



  1. Trent

    This was a really great episode, I loved the discussion and everyone said things that really stuck out to me.

    One of Amy’s big things about, ‘Aren’t you prophets? Why don’t you have more answers?’ My thing has always been, Brigham Young and one of the Pratts got revelation about celestial vegetables, but God has absolutely nothing to say about this?’ I mean, Joseph Smith was very clear that prophets hear the actual words of God, right?

    Anyway, don’t want to get too sidetracked into that, but great episode, great contributors and a great discussion. Thanks for what you guys do.

    Reply Dec 17, 2012 @ 10:25:02
    • amy

      Thanks Trent! we enjoyed the discussion and felt it was really important to hear from our special guests.

      and yes…I really enjoy my celestial cucumbers :P

      Reply Dec 17, 2012 @ 11:24:23
      • brandt

        That sounds dirty…….

        Reply Dec 17, 2012 @ 12:51:36
  2. Heather_ME

    I’m about half-way through the episode and I have to disagree somewhat. I don’t really think this website is a message to straight Mormons. I think it’s a message to outsiders…. a PR tool. Mormons have been doing this for decades if not a century+. “We’ll tell the outsider one thing… but coded in our language is the ‘real story’ that Mormons get because they know the code.” Or, “See, world?! We’re not completely horrible! (psst, members, no worries — nothing to see here, it’s business as usual.)”

    I would be thrilled if this website stops Mormon parents from kicking out their gay kids or completely divorcing their adult gay kids from their families. But I just don’t see that as the purpose.

    Reply Dec 17, 2012 @ 13:17:43
    • CK Rock

      I agree with you Heather. I believe that the main reason they should “mormonsandgays.com” is that the know people are going to be searching for “mormons and gays” and they want this page to be the first one to show up so that they can attempt to control the message. In SEO terms, having a URL that is the key words you’re targeting is the best way to increase you search ranking for those keywords.

      Reply Dec 18, 2012 @ 16:26:06
  3. Gail F. Bartholomew

    Great podcast once again. I have a few thoughts.
    I would like to agree with Mitch on the likelihood of change. In my opinion homosexuality is far less in opposition to church doctrine than giving up polygamy or the temple ban. John Taylor as prophet of the church said on many occasions that the church can not ever give up the practice of polygamy because it is an eternal principle. Also look at what Oaks says on this web site. He says we have not and are not changing doctrine. Which in my mind is very different than saying that the church will never. When looking at history we see that the church is very good at changing when needed for survival. They also seem to do it quickly and with memory problems.
    Mitch you also wonder why the brethren do not give local leadership specific directions so they can be constant. I believe the only real reason can be is because the brethren disagree. I think it is apparent when looking at the Packer’s comments of November 2010 that have been erased from history that he does not wholeheartedly agree with the ideas in this website. I think also when other members of the twelve speak on this issue, though the choose their words carefully, that some may have far more liberal views that Oaks, whose views seem to be caring the day now.
    When we talk about the great things this web site can do for love and acceptance, I think it is a bit too little too late. The effort put into this website seem to pale in comparison to mountain that encouraged Mormons to give millions to fight gay families in the prop 8 campaign. Why are they not saying this in conference when people are watching? Even when Pres. Hinkley said these things in conference no one even heard them.
    The reason Oaks says they are not going to talk about all these aspects and that we don’t know why is because he knows when you talk about all these things his views are indefensible in light of all of them.
    Lastly I ask what is considered a failed mixed orientation marriage? I was in a mixed orientation marriage for 17 years. We have been divorced for four. I believe that as a result of our divorce our marriage is a huge success. We parent together, talk almost daily, and are each dating different women.
    Thank you

    Reply Dec 17, 2012 @ 17:12:08

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