23: The District – A Mormon Expositor Review for Episode 8: Coming Home

Brandt hosts the final episode review with Amy, Lance and Sara. Did it end with a bang or a wimper!?




  1. Tom Evans

    I love you, Amy, but I personally am tired of hearing ex-LDS people say they will go back to church activity if the leaders and representatives actually admit they are full of shit. This statement makes no sense and this is why(you probably can do a whole episode about this, which I will be happy to be a part of): first, the LDS organization is a corporation — not really a religion, and this is admitted in a Mormon Stories episode; this makes it a business and businesses are NOT in the business of admitting they are full of shit or they would lose many patrons, if not all of them; second, why would you even consider going back after all of what you know now?! Even if what they preach actually is hypothetically true, the way they control the members, as you clearly and honestly referenced in this episode which I appreciate, all of that is wrong and we know it; knowing that, why would you go back? If it’s bull shit, it’s bull shit and that simply should be said and acknowledged. Really, with that mentality, you are letting them control you even when you’re not a member; you’re continually drinking the kool-aid. O.K., I think I’m finished:). Thanks for reading. ……….what’s the policy about language?:p

    Reply Dec 08, 2012 @ 13:56:50
    • mark

      I lean this way as well. I’m through. I personally doubt the mormon church could change enough to get my butt in the pews. if it did it wouldn’t be recognizable as the mormon church. The mormon church will continue or not. with out my time, talents, and money. I’m not going back.

      Reply Dec 10, 2012 @ 02:40:03
  2. Amy R. Padgett Blosch

    well Tom….i’m not sure how you want me to respond. not everyone who has left the church has left for the same reasons. when i made that statement i wasn’t specifically referring my myself, i was referring to the vast number of people that may indeed go back to church if the church was more transparent…or maybe not…who knows. to be honest there’s probably nothing the church could do to get me back as a faithful member but even if i did go back it wouldn’t have to make sense to you or anybody else. i’m not really a fan of being told how i should handle my disaffection and exit from the church. Leaving the church is extremely complicated-i shouldnt have to convince you of this. I’m out. i’ve been out for 21 yrs. i literally left 2 weeks after i turned 18 because that was the only way i could leave-wait until i was an adult. What more do you want from me? As a panelist-especially on this series, i was very clearly the only legit apostate-the only one calling the church out on their bullshit. If you honestly think i’m still drinking the Kool Aid then you aren’t listening to anything i’m saying or you are too emotionally invested in what other people are doing and saying.

    Reply Dec 09, 2012 @ 04:21:07
    • Tom

      I probably should listen once more but I thought you were referring to you. Either way, pointing fingers will not accomplish much and that is not my objective. I definitely appreciate your position as the one true apostate of the episode and I’m very glad for your expressions. In retrospect, I think my comment was a rant and not a very mature one. Yes, I respect you and the experience of disaffection considering I’m ex-LDS(February of this year). I’m sorry for stepping on your toes if I did. I think a discussion about that would be interesting though:). I’m just saying:).

      Reply Dec 13, 2012 @ 13:46:43
  3. lumanwalters

    I totally agree with you brandt. I was ultra TBM on my mission but my last companion was even more extreme. He constantly brought up how he once…”walked away…..just(grimaces and blasts a short breathe of air out nose) walked the other way” (voice quivers on the ‘Ah’ sound).

    Reply Dec 10, 2012 @ 22:44:45
    • brandt

      The voice quiver is key. It can’t be too apparent, just a subtle one to be effective.

      I should give oratory lessons to outsiders on how to speak proper Mormon-ese.

      Reply Dec 11, 2012 @ 08:52:12

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