22: The Top Ten Theological Reasons Mormonism is Better Than Christianity

Heather hosts a panel discussion with Clay, Megan, and Flip. They discuss the top ten religious concepts that are better in Mormonism than in Christianity.




  1. Rey Anastacia

    Interesting discussion. Just curious here, you make very occasional references to Catholicism in here, and in others, but you almost always contrast Mormonism with evangelical Christianity. Why is that? Why is there never a discussion of Mormonism in relation or contrast to other religions or even other takes on the Bible, such as Catholicism?

    Reply Dec 05, 2012 @ 15:23:16
    • Megan von Ackermann

      Really good points Ray, and Heather has a great response, but I think it’s good to point out a bit of the weirdness of Mormon history.

      The thing is that for a long time the Catholic church was ‘the great and abominable church’ to Mormons. This is entirely consistent with how and when Mormonism was founded (remember that JFK was the first Catholic president and it was a really hard fight for him – lots and lots of anti-Catholic sentiment in America even in the 1950’s). So Mormonism at its beginning had Catholicism as the obvious ‘this is not true’ church while the more mainstream Protestants were the truth-as-far-as-it-is-known. What the Mormons needed to do was show how they were the RIGHT Protestantism, that they were carrying the Protestant revolution to its inevitable and god-driven conclusion.

      Keep in mind the whole concept of the Great Apostasy. Who apostatized? The Catholics, naturally. And the Protestants were starting along the road to restoration but they didn’t have the fulness of the Gospel. I know that when I was a kid, Luther’s reformation was definitely referred to as an essential step (along with other inspired moments like Henry VIII’s foundation of the Church of England, and the American constitution) towards the inevitable moment of full restoration under Joseph Smith.

      I think that sort of places Mormonism in a weird space when it comes to other Christians. Mormons really do see themselves as Protestants, as mainstream Christians who have simply taken the Protestant gospel to its inevitable conclusion. Their comparisons with Christianity are, therefore, mostly in the context of post-Lutheran Christianity. I think this is one of the reasons Mormons have such trouble understanding why Protestant Christians would reject Mormons as ‘real’ Christians – to Mormons they are part of a great continuum that starts with the reformation and reaches its apex with Mormonism.

      So I suppose the natural thing for Mormons to do is compare themselves to Protestants – and after all it is the evangelical branch of Protestantism that is the loudest and most vehement against Mormonism. You don’t see the Catholics whipping up YouTube videos targeting the Mormon delusion [so far as I know]. For Mormons, Protestants already did the deconstruction of Catholicism so there isn’t any reason to go down that path again.

      Personally I think it would be very interesting to take a look at Mormonism against the sort of Christianity they claim they are ‘restoring’ – super early Christianity, back when it was struggling against all sorts of other exciting and sexy belief systems. How does Mormonism compare with 1st and 2nd century Christianity, and maybe how does it compare with those systems when it’s put up against the early orthodoxy of Catholicism?

      Reply Dec 06, 2012 @ 13:38:31
  2. Heather

    I edited out some of the things I started the podcast off with for the sake of time. (I felt like I’d been babbling for 20 minutes.) Basically, this episode was my idea. I grew up with a couple of very good friends who were Evangelicals. We spent a lot of time debating religion. In college, the father of one of my good friends was clergy for a couple different congregations. He had a PhD in divinity from Notre Dame. I had a number of truly amazing discussions with him. I also listen to a lot conservative Christian talk radio. So, the majority of my experience is with Protestant Christianity. I’m just not versed enough in Catholicism to discuss it. The same with Buddhism or Islam.

    Additionally, Mormonism isn’t trying to be accepted by Catholics. They are desperately trying to be folded into the Protestant Christian community. Based on that desire, they are eliminating the things about Mormonism that make it stand out…. and, as I expressed in this episode, the things that I think make Mormon theology better than Christian theology.

    The episodes that Mormon Expositor releases are the brain children of at least one of our board members. If one of them grew up enmeshed in Catholocism or Islam and want to compare Mormonism to that religion, then they have the venue to do so. This particular comparison interests me. So I ran with it.

    Thanks for listening to the podcast! :)

    Reply Dec 06, 2012 @ 10:53:04
  3. pierre

    everytime i try and listen to the podcast on my laptop it wont work . the first minute plays and then it stops. ive tried downloading it too and same problem. thought it was my computer so i tried my phone and the website freezes my phone. i tried it upstairs on a desktop and same thing. very strange . happens every time too. it might just be me but wonder if you could change to the player mormon expression uses . it works a lot better imo.

    Reply Dec 07, 2012 @ 09:33:15
  4. Devin

    I also noticed after this last election that Mormons and Evangelicals vote the same way politically. (They are very similar in behavior and beliefs as long as you don’t get into details.)

    Reply Dec 11, 2012 @ 15:59:15

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