103c: October 2015 General Conference Relief Society and Priesthood Sessions

Nick and Heather host reviews of the General Women’s and Priesthood Sessions. Panelists include: Ivan, Maren, Stephanie, and Ryan.


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  1. J. Reuben Clerk

    I think the speakers are in a tough situation. If they remain silent about single or childless women, the speakers will play into the narrative that the LDS church doesn’t have a place for them. The problem is that the LDS church actually doesn’t have a place for single for childless women in this life or in the eternities. And sharing a story about subbing in primary doesn’t solve that problem.

    Regarding being “worthy to be a mother” the speaker was not implying that worthiness was necessary for becoming a mother. Rather, the implicit message is that women need to get their act together so that they aren’t unworthy mothers, who might fail at their divine calling. It was basically another fear-based message. They push fear onto young women primarily to prepare for marriage/motherhood. They push fear onto young men primarily to prepare for a mission.

    Reply Oct 09, 2015 @ 10:18:49

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