100b: Apocalypse Now! Growing Up as a Doomsday Prepper, Part 2

Nick, his brothers Drey, Ivan and Lex, and their friend Louisa discuss what it’s like to grow up under the end-times hysteria of the 80s and 90s. In this part they discuss home schooling, the effects of the doomsday mentality on their lives, and their departure from that mindset.



  1. hans castorp

    I am a never-Mo, a catholic living in New York (why I listen to your podcast is a rather long story).

    I have five children; one of them is eleven and still at home. My fourteen-year-old will enter high school this fall; my three older children have all been to high school. Our children are special and needed more than the New York public schools could supply. We couldn’t afford a private school.

    Not to brag (though I like to), my oldest daughter took the calculus AP exam at twelve, entered the Bronx High School of Science, and graduated from MIT at nineteen. My second has serious emotional issues, and was not a good fit for homeschooling; he graduated last year from a specialized high school at the top of his class. Our third has completed three years of high school at a Catholic private school (a friend, with no children of our own, has helped us pay for it).
    She will be starting full-time pre-professional ballet training in the fall.

    I could tell you many stories of successful homeschooling;. Perhaps the differences between our experience and yours are the resources we’ve had in the city, the relative easiness of finding friends in the neighborhood, and the community of other homeschoolers we’ve found. I don’t think homeschooling has given any of our kids social deficits.

    Sorry I’ve gone on so long, but I feel passionately about homeschooling. The social deficits, if any, don’t compare with the intellectual advantages.Then again, we are neither Mormons nor fundamentalists.

    Reply Jul 22, 2015 @ 09:17:31
  2. jon

    I went to public school. I lack social skills. My friend was home schooled (barely) and has a better work ethic than I do and is more social.

    Sending kids to government schools is abuse and parents that do that should be jailed. JK. But seriously, it all depends on the parents inside or out of school. I like homeschooling more because my hope is that our children will be more likely to be self actualized as children and adults. They will have much more time at home to pursue their own interests where at government schools tons of time is wasted just sitting in chairs.

    Reply Jul 27, 2015 @ 22:41:48

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